What the heck is a 'floatilla' anyways?

Well, we are not planning on gathering warships, but we are looking for floating crafts like kayaks and canoes.

This is Chippewa Valley's first attempt at breaking the Guinness Book of World Record's largest raft of canoes and kayaks! The kayaks and canoes are gathered into one location and 'connected' for a brief moment for a picture.

In addition to the floatilla record, we are attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Record's for the Longest Canoe/Kayak Parade! 

WHAT!?!?  Two World Records at one event?  What is this madness?

Our floatilla is more than just a photo and record breaking though.  We have games, food, music, and a log drive raffle where you can win $500 in cash and prizes! It's basically a huge party, with oars.
A flotilla (from Spanish, meaning a small flota (fleet) of ships, and this from French flotte, and this from Russian "плот" (plot), meaning "raft"), or naval flotilla, is a formation of small warships that may be part of a larger fleet.
Breathtaking Views
Local camping and Lodging
From the Chippewa River, to Brunet Island State Park, you will find breathtaking views all over.  This is a family recreation area like no other.
A great event for the whole family, or your old group of friends.  Spend the weekend here, we have lots to do. Lodging
Groups Welcome
Fun Activities For All
Family friendly in every way.  River events for the water lovers, music for the dancers, and food for the foodies. The Cornell Floatilla truly has something for everyone.  Things To Do
Let your friends know
Spread the news on Facebook! Tell your friends about this get event, and gather your crew.